High Pressure Washer Al-3112

High Pressure Washer

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High Pressure Washer Al-3112





Al-3112 High pressure cleaner
Design features
With it's excellent appearance and upright structure,and free-adjustable handle, flexible trolleys, it will make you easy to move while in using,besides,we add a storage part for water gun in a safety condition
when in storaging or moving.And electrical cable could be furled and put at the back of the machine..
Best for cleaning gardening facilities、cars、bicycles、porch etc.,such moderate cleaning work.
1.Durable universal motor and three-plunger pressure pump
2.Automatic total stop system when gun is shut off
3.Adjustable nozzle adjusts from stream to fan or foggy spray pattern
4.Nozzle,water gun and high pressure hose can be disassembled  separately
5.With self-absorb function
6.Can be with shampoo or detergent for cleaning
7.Noise lower than 85 db(a)
High Pressure Washer Al-3112
Where do you use a High Pressure Washer Al-3112?
The High Pressure Washer Al-3112 is designed mostly for domestic use that may include cleaning of cars, motor bicycles, caravans, bicycles, etc and is useful in cleaning fences, garden walls, pathways, driveways and house facades and is useful in cleaning blocked driveways. This unit is also useful in cleaning animal pens and their surroundings. It generally removes loose paint, mould, dust, mud, and dust from surfaces and objects.
Why use the High Pressure Washer Al-3112?
The High Pressure Washer Al-3112 comes packed with so many advantages that fulfil the purpose of a machine in making work easier and effective. These features include:
· Constructed to reach a flow rate of three hundred litres per hour that is variable by adjusting the un-loader valve. As a result of emersion of high pressure, its pressure pipe is modified into a locking pipe to prevent popup in the course of using the unit.  
·  Has an electric motor that is used to drive the high-pressure water pump.
· A trigger-gun style switch, that contains a trigger lock to prevent any errors from occurring.
·  Versatile or universal nozzle attachment that makes it usable in different situations.
·   In cases of car wash it is equipped with a unique soap tank design that makes it easy when using.
·  Fitted with a lance that facilitates use at any angle.
· Its ability to connect with normal water pipes and at the same time adjustable 5m hose comes as an added advantage as it covers a much bigger range.
· This unit has a working temperature of as low as 5-50 degrees Celsius.
· Its components are perfectly fitted and covered to avoid rust and damage.
How to use the High Pressure Washer Al-3112?
The High Pressure Washer Al-3112 has basic procedures that make it very easy while using and they include:
1. Before commencing with cleaning, ensure that the unit is placed on an even surface.
2. Open the water tap.
3. Unlock the lever on the trigger gun.
4. Pull on the lever of the trigger gun.
5. You then turn on the unit by turning the ON/OFF switch on the unit.
6. After use, turn off the tap, press the lever on the trigger gun to ensure any remaining water and pressure in the system is released, then pull out the main plug. It is important to note that once you release the trigger gun, the unit shuts down.
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