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Armored 70L Dehumidifier






The Armored 70L is recognized as worldwide professional drying equipment for flood restoration. The unit avoids the problems caused by moisture and creates a comfortable, healthy and safe living environment. Armored 70L Dehumidifier can remove up to 70L of water per day - enough water removal for areas up to 4,000 sq. ft..
We offer a variety of dehumidifiers to remove water and assist with drying areas after water damage. When your basement or office is vulnerable to flooding, it is especially important to restore the damaged areas in no time as microorganisms, mold and bacteria might affect your health and result in further damage. Whether it is flash flood, hurricane, heavy rain or water main break, AlorAir has the equipment to handle the most severe environments and assist with proper restoration. 
Armored 90L
    Flood & Restoration
    Museums / Sports Halls
    Water Damage Restoration
    Vehicle Storage
    Bsements / Cellars
    Hotels / Guest Houses
    Roof Leaks
    Storage Areas
    Second Homes
Key Design Features
* Hot Gas Valve Defrosting System
* Cover in Quick Opening construction(the Cover can be disassembled in 10Seconds When some internal service requested)
* Coated Coils with Stainless Side Plate
* Supper Efficient COP,3.0L/Kwh
* Wide choices of Filter: HEPA,G3,Carbon.
* Heavy-duty Condensate Pump
* Quick connecter to Cable/Hose
* Quick connector to Pump(the pump can be taken out freely just pull out the quick connector)
* Multifold Filters(HEPA,Carbon,G3,Prefilter)
* Ridged handle for easy transport
* Hours Run Meter providing accurate run time measurements
Armored 70L
    Super Efficient System
    Compressor Type
    More Thorough , And More Quick
    Condensate Pump
    Epoxy Powder Coating on Coil
    Stainless Plate on Coil
    Human Handspike Design
    Water Full protection
    Environmental R410A Refrigeant
    Automatic humidistat control
    Memory Starting
    Big Wheel
    Hours Run Meter
    Epoxy Powder Coating on Housing
    Humidity can be fixed within 1%
Armored 70L
    4.1A (220V/50Hz)
    3.0L/Kwh (220V/50Hz)
    Size For
    Up to 4,000 sq. ft.
    Clean Air Filter
    Air flow
    415CFM / 700CMH
    Sound Pressure Level
    High Lifting Pump
    Defrosting Control System
    Functioning Temperature Range
    Functioning Hu,idity Range
    Capacity 220V (30°-80%)
    100lbs (45Kg)
    Dim (WxHxD)
    21.8x41.7x19.7in (550x1060x500mm)
    Loading quantity
What Can We Benefit From A High COP Dehumidifier?
AlorAir High COP Dehumidifiers are affordable solutions to your humidity problems. This investment in indoor air quality and inner comfort can be paid back by few years' energy savings. Customers can save up to $250 per year in energy cost with dehumidifiers working for their families! And that doesn't include the savings from using thermostats instead of air conditioning. Once you are able to maintain a consistent relative humidity of 50% or less, you will no longer have to keep the thermostat at low, uncomfortable temperatures once used in an effort to control humidity.
Why Dehumidify?
1.Can effectively prevent household items, food, medicine and books get mouldy.
2.Can effectively protect household appliances, computers, cameras and other instruments from moisture damage.
3.Can effectively prevent the Prolonged humidity in a crawl space or Basement which will lead to moisture and rot damage in the structural wood in your House.
4. Can effectively let the house stay away from pest infestation
5.Can effectively avoid excessive humidity in a space where is easy for mold, mildew and fungi to thrive.
Proven Performance
The Armored 70L dehumidifier removes up to 70L water per day while with current draw 4.1amps - enough water removal for areas up to 4000 sq. ft. The Armored 70L has unique design compared with competitors, such as duct connection choice at outlet, quick access to pump service, tem mark switch, water full protection, normal filter, HEPA filter and activated carbon filter. The cover of it can be disassembled in 10 seconds when some internal service requested, like internal cleaning pump service. The pump can be taken out freely by pulling out the quick connector.
The Armored 70L combines innovation, technical expertise with proven durability into a small, portable and durable metal housing. In addition to its compact size and superior performance, the unit features high efficiency, HGV, duct outlet and multifold filters.
The Armored 70L is leading the industry by introducing epoxy coated coils. This new feature will extend the life of the coils by providing protection in corrosive environments and maintaining the coil's heat transfer ability over the life of the coil. Plus the high efficiency rotary compressor ensures the maximum extraction at the lowest running costs.


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