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Commercial Moisture Control Devices from AlorAir
Create Business Environment without Dampness Bothering
To learn more about best features and functions of AlorAir Moisture Control Series dehumidifiers, watch the video below.

Find the Right Device For You
Every home or modern building needs humidity control devices. AlorAir contains dehumidifiers with different applications to satisfy customers’ various demands.

  Ironmen 50L Dehumidifier


 Armored 90L Dehumidifier 


Armored 70L Dehumidifier



Excessive Dampness Related Problems: 
In the industrial and commercial fields, a little too much moisture that exceeds the standard value can lead to billions of dollars in damage. Thus, instantly avoid the economic loss is the solution. 
Moisture Damage in the commerce and industry:
• Utilities: clammy pharmaceutical labs, hospitals, therapy rooms
• Printing Industry: muggy film, tape, printing, archives
• Entertainment: muggy museum, hotel, cinema,wine cellars
• Food Industry: bakeries, confectionery manufacturing get hygienic problems
• Manufacturing: packing and filling, coating process gets bad effect
• Electronics Industry: dampness affected electronics assembly,computer rooms 
Commercial dehumidifiers are widely and professionally used in industry and commercial applications for damaging moisture removal tasks. Based on its superb energy efficiency and huge COP, the humidity control effect has been verified in diverse application scenarios.
Below is a list of typical commercial dehumidifiers applications:


Commercial series Dehumidifier Can Help 
◎ Uper Efficiency
Ironmen and Armored dehumidifiers meets or exceeds the Energy Star program efficiency standard with driving rotary compressor, which dramatically improve performance to build higher capacity dehumidifiers with super efficiency, lower unit cost.
◎ Amazing Features
• It has flexible water removal capacity from 50L/day to the maximum 90L/day at (@30°80% RH)
• HGV defrosting system makes the machine is workable in the ambient temperature with 32.75°F.
Prominent Features and Functions:
* CE
* Easy transport and maneuverability.
* Hot Gas Valve Defrosting System 
* Supper Efficient,Met Energy Star Standard 
* Multiple Filters(HEPA,Carbon,G3, Prefilter)
* 3A Package Standard, Anti-crush package
* Color Customization, Logo Customization, Home Delivery Service
* Most European Countries can have same-day goods dispatch after an order placed
AlorAir Wi-Fi function is strongly designed to meet customers’ remote control of humidity levels and temperature from any where you are, just through your mobile phone.
After you download mobile app and connect it with the Internet, you can easily accomplish these functions:
• Remote Control
• Timing Switch
• Inner Humidity Real Time Monitoring
• Timing Reservation
• Additional Functions
Additional Functions includes:
*Upper and down wind
*Manual drainage
*Continuous Operation
When choosing the Wi-Fi Function, you will have optimum clean air ventilation and purified air, at the same time you will be updated with latest climate conditions in your home.
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