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AlorAir was founded on the philosophy of providing value, industry leading features and performance along with outstanding customer support. How can we achieve that?  With world-class manufacturing capability, extensive R & D facilities and dedicated team of associates to support you before and after the sale.

In America, we have distribution hubs on the east and west coast and a growing network of dealers and distributors.  We also have branches in Europe, Australia and Asia.

Our product line is currently focused in two markets – basement/crawlspace and flood/restoration.

For the flood/restoration market, we have a full line of dehumidifiers – both horizontal and vertical orientation.  With a combination of class leading features, various capacity options, and ease of maintenance, the dehumidifiers are sure to be a favorite.  To compliment the dehumidifiers, we have blowers and hepa scrubbers to assist in the drying and remediation efforts.

Our crawlspace and basement units also have class leading features such as digital control, easy access, plug-n-play components and even an integrated condensate pump on our horizontal crawlspace unit!  Add to these features, compact lightweight design, various filtration options, remote control and ducting options, these units will be enjoyed by the installers and customers.

Our Commercial Moisture Control Series Units provide high performance with minimal energy consumption, making them ideal for both commercial and residential drying needs. The unit feature high efficiency, large capacity, and low temperature operation.

AlorAir products have various certifications depending on their intended use including Energy Star options, CE, ETL SAA, SGS and TUV.  Our products are designed, developed and tested to insure the highest level of quality to our customers.  Our engineers continue to push the envelope for new performance levels and features to please our customers.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to constantly innovate and provide the best products for the ultimate value.  AlorAir promises to utilize the best resources, technology, equipment and after-sale support to make this mission a reality to our customers.


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